Faith / July 25, 2016

Messy Bed, Full Life

…What I almost named my blog.

As both a Designer, and someone who hates to make the bed, I thought this was the perfect blog name. But it stems from something deeper than my love for Pottery Barn linens and my morning laziness… The soul purpose of this blog is to embrace life’s imperfections; the casual; the messy. As we stop trying to be our own made up idea of perfect, we realize that who we are, and our crazy, messy life, is actually pretty darn beautiful.

The way I see it (and God too for that matter), you don’t have to wear designer clothes to be pretty or express yourself. You don’t have to shop at Pottery Barn (those linens were a gift…thanks mom and dad!) to make your home beautiful. You don’t have to have a flat stomach or toned legs or arms to feel comfortable in your skin. But you do have to embrace exactly who YOU are in order to find happiness in your journey and your life.

So after much deliberation and some fellow-blogger advice, Messy Bed became Coffee with Kylie (catchy right? and who doesn’t like coffee?). And the concept behind it is simple, really…I just want to be your cup of coffee. “That sounds like a cheesy pick up line,” you’re thinking, but just bear with me. A visit with me is not an all day affair. It’s a quick stop on your map…for inspiration, a sweet reminder, a little fire for your own adventure; one where you love the life that you were blessed with and recognize all of the beauty in this world!

Coffee with Kylie is my way of reflecting on, and valuing, the good in every little thing; from a hot day at the beach, to an especially tasty lunch, or an evening chasing Pokémon (yes, I’m on that band wagon). I’m just tryna keep it positive around here. I hope you can appreciate that!

Please join me as I find the beauty in the imperfect! Share your stories, bargain finds, and inspiration with me too! I’m here to learn and grow with you as much as I am to share. I am SO excited to embark on this journey together!