Design / July 26, 2016

Latest and greatest home find

So this is a topic you will see often as Alex and I slowly (but surely) revamp our home. And today’s featured items are none-other-than our dining room chairs! You’re going to hear this a million times from me…I ball on a budget. And these bad boys were only $99 each. I know that sounds like a lot, but if you’ve ever been in search of your own dining or accent chairs, you know that if you want them new, and not completely unstable, you’re TYPICALLY looking at well over $100 a pop. I thought they were a deal; maybe just an unavoidable splurge.

Anyways, moving on, I am obsessed with these chairs! Final “wow!”: they’re Ikea…and you can find them by clicking¬†Ikea Almsta Chair.

Oh, and another thing…I want to address Ikea. I know they have a reputation for providing some not-so-sturdy furniture, and believe me, I’ve for sure experienced this myself! However, along with these chairs, our entire bedroom set is Ikea…and let me say I have been more than satisfied with every piece! I won’t go into too many details (in case I decide to feature it later), but I’ve had it for years and you would never know. The wear is amazing, not to mention the assembly/disassembly is cake! A serious convenience for someone who moves a lot. I also know people (friends and fellow bloggers) who rave about their living room sectionals. If you’re interested in knowing more let me know and I’ll share some two cents from another blogger!

Getting to the point…many pieces from Ikea are not suitable for the long term. However, I believe if you do your research, you’ll find that on the other hand, quite a few are! A win in my opinion, as they usually come at a bargain!

What is your latest and greatest home find? Maybe a shop or store you’ve become recently obsessed with? Share with me please! I like secrets too!

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