Yoga / July 28, 2016

Working towards: crow pose

And other crow variations…

 I’ve mentioned this before, but crow did not come easy to me. It’s like, I nailed my head stand and forearm stand before I could do crow. Am I the only one that sounds backwards to? Anyways…if you’re like me and your body cannot figure it out, let me give you some tips and tricks that helped me overcome the awkward.

  • First things first, you want your bum in the air! Get that thing as high up as possible so you are simply shifting weight from legs to arms, not trying to position yourself as well. ***BONUS TIP: spread your fingertips as wide as you can, and make sure your palms stay on the ground. This is your foundation. You want it sturdy!
  • In order to get your bum in the air, use those tippy toes! Again, get about as high as you can on those things!
  • When I first started practicing crow, putting my knees on my arms was just not going to happen. Mostly because the direct pressure hurt my arms really bad. If you have that same issue, consider resting your shins on your arms first. Then once you get comfortable there, and your arms get used to the weight, you can work your knees up and into your armpits.
  • The best piece of advice that I got while practicing this: don’t try to lift your feet! The trick is setting your gaze several feet ahead and on the floor. As you hold your gaze and begin to lean towards it, your feet will naturally float off the ground. It’s seriously magical. Rocked my world.
  • Once you’ve found your balance on your arms, the next step is beginning to raise your feet/bum. This is where I am in my crow practice (aside from still trying to get my knees in my armpits). I am working to get more height and to invert myself a little more. All I can say is engage your core…With any inversion I find this super helpful.

Moving on to side crow (don’t worry, this is the only variation I’ve practiced thus far)…

I find it helpful to start in mountain pose…hands to heart center, feet apart slightly and directly below hips. Begin to lower slowly to a squat keeping chest up, shoulders back, hips square and heart forward. Once you’ve lowered, the magic begins… Here are my tips and tricks for side crow:

  • Always, always, ALWAYS, make sure your knees are in line. Keep your hips square and do not let one knee fall in front of the other (trust me, this will happen naturally if you don’t work against it).
  • After ensuring that my knees and hips are in line, I like to open my arms to the side I am practicing (see example above). I find this helps me to get the rotation I need while ensuring that my hips do not follow.
  • Once you’ve found that rotation, place your hands on the floor…begin to bend your elbows creating your arm table.
  • Similar to what we discussed above…DO NOT lift your feet. Engage your core and set your gaze several feet ahead (or a I guess technically several feet to the side). Begin to lean into your gaze, and your feet will lift.

I’ll tell you now, side crow feels a whole lot different than standard crow. The weight is distributed differently so your body must find it all over again. But these tips and tricks are what I found most helpful in massaging my way into side crow.

Now there are many other variations of crow, but I’m not quite there yet… As I progress I will share with you. And feel free to share with me too!!

Is there a certain pose you’re struggling with? One that your body cannot figure out? Let me know in the comments below and I would love to share what has helped me!




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