Life / August 3, 2016

Why I read Bare Bones by Bobby Bones

A prequel to my book review.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the infamous Bobby Bones, he’s what they call “The Voice of Country Radio.” A famous radio DJ and host of The Bobby Bones Show, based out of none-other-than…Nashville, TN. The show is broadcasted all over the country, and is made up of him and a bunch of his friends. Their tag line is literally “a bunch of friends and some microphones.” And it could not be more accurate.

“What’s so great about The Bobby Bones Show?,” you ask? What first drew me to it was it’s authenticity. These people are not typical radio show hosts. Their interactions are not scripted, not even in the slightest. And it’s apparent when listening, how genuine they are. Each of them unique in their own way, and all just as goofy as can be.

But besides the humor and entertainment aspect, The Bobby Bones show is doing a whole lot of good. They started a movement called “Pimpin’ Joy.” It was at first just a week where listeners and members of the show would share stories that “inspire, influence, and encourage people to Choose Joy.” But since it’s birth it has developed into a fundraiser, where Pimpin’ Joy products are sold (shirts, hats, totes) and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. The charity changes constantly…from week to week, or month to month…so they are consistently spreading love and joy across many different spectrums.

An example of this: the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. They raised $35,000 for the victims and families of the Orlando shooting in a matter of weeks through the sales of their Pimpin’ Joy attire. I think saying they “do good” is an understatement, don’t you?

So here is a list of why I read Bobby’s book:

  • He’s hilarious, candid, insightful, real. The world needs more of all of those things.
  • I wanted to learn where he’s from, and how he’s accomplished all he has.
  • He does a whole lot of good for the world. From simply adding some laughter to your morning commute, to #PimpinJoy to the people who need it most.

With all of this said, if you’re someone who likes to laugh and surround yourself with positivity, you should definitely check out The Bobby Bones Show. They air every weekday, from 5am-10am CT. Or you can listen via iHeart radio (what I do during my work day) by clicking Listen to Bobby Bones Show.

Want to purchase some Pimpin’ Joy attire and help spread joy to those in need? No problem! Just click #PIMPINJOY – The Shop Forward.

For all of you current listeners out there…what’s your favorite thing about The Bobby Bones Show? Favorite member? I’m kind of leaning towards Eddie these days… *Sings “Eddie the dadddd-dy.”*

Choose Joy!




  1. Victoria Bonney

    Thank you for sharing, I have never heard of this radio show. Love it when people are spreading the joy!!!!!!!!!!!

    04 . Aug . 2016
    • Kylie Gravlee

      Aunt Victoria! You should totally listen on iHeart even while tasking around the house! They’re so funny, you would love them!

      04 . Aug . 2016

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