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CWK Book Club: Bare Bones

My personal review of Bare Bones by Bobby Bones


If you’re a listener of the show, then it’s no secret to you…Bobby didn’t have the easiest childhood. Raised in poverty by a mother with substance abuse issues (no father in the picture whatsoever), he had to solely rely on himself to fulfill the dreams that set his soul on fire. I won’t spoil anything, so don’t worry, I just want to share what stood out to me the most as I read about his journey from Mountain Pine to Nashville.

One of my favorite things about Bare Bones is the motivational aspect. I seriously admire Bobby for putting himself out there and laying everything on the line. From his secrets, to his experiences; regrets to greatest successes; lessons he’s learned, to ways he’s still working to be better. As I was reading, I found myself naturally marking pages to go back and reflect on for my own personal growth, and for advice if I find myself in similar situations. In this post I want to share a few excerpts with you, and why they spoke to my heart.

“Amy doesn’t just make me a better person; she also makes me a better radio personality. She’s so real that she challenges me to stay real. As our radio show continued to grow in popularity, it would have been natural for me to slip into a fake image of who I thought I needed to be, which ultimately would have become stale to listeners. Sitting every morning next to someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t maintain the same level on honesty.”

I love this simple little reminder… So much that I want to print it out and hang it on the fridge. Because it emphasizes the fact that people are drawn to people who are themselves. If it isn’t gratifying enough just to be yourself because YOU are happier that way, it’s pretty rewarding that others will appreciate it too. In that case, why would you EVER want to be anyone but you?

“I forced myself to do the right thing over and over and over again until it was ingrained in me. Every day was a fight – a fight against my own exhaustion and a fight against every other show on the air…If everyone else in radio was out to get me, I was going to retaliate by getting every listener out there on my side. Fighting every day – that was the grind. And then I just woke up at 3 A.M. to repeat it.”

What I love most about this excerpt is the way he describes “retaliation.” If you use negative energy or the words of nay-sayers to MOTIVATE you instead of discourage you, you might get a result you’re actually happy with. Because lashing out at people or getting revenge is not going to make you feel better. Choose to pimp joy, stick to the grind, and become determined to show them why you do what you do. You are not defined by what others say about you. You are defined by what you believe you can achieve. And if you follow your heart, and use your strengths to bring joy, I don’t believe that anything can stop you.

“Struggling, which we all do, whether you’re a truck driver or a country music star, is what brought a common humanity to all the good and talented folks I’ve met in Nashville. Recognizing that beneath the makeup, four-hundred-dollar distressed jeans, and perfect hair, we’re all just the same.”

I love this because it brings me back down to earth. I want to say “as a blogger,” but honestly I feel “as a woman” is more fitting. So, as a woman, it is so easy to look at social media, or pop culture and feel like you’re not enough. Like you will never make it because everyone you admire surely has something that you don’t. When really, if you got the chance to honestly speak one on one with these people, you would realize that they were once in your place…and they feel all your same emotions. Not only does this tell me that anything is possible if you really want it, but it also tells me that I am enough. Period. End of story. I am just as capable as the next person. And so are you. All you need is a good heart, an open mind, the willingness to work, and the Father’s grace.

“The most profound and inspiring lesson I came away with, however, was that as rotten as life and your situation may seem, if you just put your head down and continue to fight through, you’ll come out the other side.”

I feel like somebody needed to hear that… I know there’s been times when I DESPERATELY needed to hear that. It speaks for itself. Sucky times suck. And life isn’t perfect. But failing is okay. It’s part of the learning process. I can honestly look back on what I consider some of my biggest failures and thank God for them because of what I learned and what I’ve since accomplished as a result.

In closing I want to give a shout out to Bobby – Hey what’s up…love your book and your show – and encourage y’all to grab this book if you want a funny, motivational, easy end-of-summer read! If you’ve read it already, join the book club! And by that I mean leave a comment below about what you took from it! I would love to hear your point of view.

I’m not lonely if you’re reading this blog.



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