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My Favorite (Budget Friendly) Yoga Pant

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When you agree to dinner but have to prepare for a blog post, you do what you gotta do… #Priorities

When you ball on a budget it can be hard to find yoga pants that are both comfortable and stylish, AND in your price range. I’ll be honest…I can’t afford lululemon or any of the other fancy yoga brands. Do I want to? SO BAD. Can I justify it? I just can’t. Let me be real, I did splurge on the lululemon yoga mat because I had heard so many great things (and I will admit, it did not disappoint), but other than that I own some shorts and headbands, which, by the way, were all gifts. I’ve tried affordable yoga pants from many places and never thought I was missing out UNTIL…until I tried the yoga pants by Aerie. Yes, Aerie by American Eagle. No, I’m not in high school. I’m simply a 20-something who loves yoga, cute clothing and above all, COMFORT. Bear with me.

The number one reason I love Aerie yoga pants…drumroll please…THE FIT. I’m getting pretty predictable aren’t I? See, I’m a 7/8 length kind of gal. The crops and 3/4 pants are too short and slide up my calves while I practice, whereas the full length feels like it’s smothering me. Don’t ask why…I know I’m weird. I just prefer to show a little ankle and the slight breeze I get with that. It may seem like a silly thing but when you’re bending every which way, comfort is a necessity.

Not only do I like the length options, I like the way the waist fits too. Now they took me a second to get used to because they rise above your belly button. At first I was like what the crap these are high… But after practicing in them I’m OBSESSED. And for a similar reason to the 7/8 length; it makes bending more comfortable. Before I discovered Aerie yoga pants, I found that as I would go from stretching to compressing my body, the top of my pants would find their way right under my belly and end up rolling or flipping down, causing me to have to interrupt my practice to adjust my pants. My Aerie leggings, on the other hand, hold at my natural waistline through my entire practice…never feeling uncomfortable or revealing my midriff.

The third “fit” reason is the stretch factor. I’ve purchased yoga pants before that are adorable, and pretty affordable, but are really not very stretchy. They’re fine for everyday comfort, or even cardio for that matter, but when I practice yoga in them there’s a lot of resistance in the material. Like, my body is working hard enough…I don’t need my pants working against it. – And yet another category that Aerie takes the cake.

And y’all, I’ve gotten yoga pants from there for as little as $12. No joke. Now, they were on sale, but they are consistently running items on sale. For a typical full-price pant you are looking at between $20 and $45… Not too shabby if you ask me.

Can I tell you one other little secret? I get away with these at work… I’m seriously the worst. But that’s another reason I like the longer lengths, because you can wear them easier as leggings under a slouchy shirt with some cute sandals and people will probably not even notice that they’re actually yoga pants. I will do absolutely anything for comfort. If you know me, you know I’m not lying.

So, product details: yoga pants…well, you know. You can find this exact pair here —> Deep Plum Legging. The bralette is South Moon Under. And as mentioned before, the mat is lululemon.

What is your favorite place to shop for yoga pants? Someplace that makes them comfortable, above all! Us ballers on a budget gotta look out for one another.



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