Yoga / September 9, 2016

Working Towards: Head Stand

For some reason, I LOVE inversions… It’s not like I’ve conquered that many of them, honestly, but when I do I just can’t stop won’t stop. With that being said, I wanted to give you my tips and tricks on one of your most basic yoga inversions… the head stand. Once you’ve grasped the first level of this posture, you can begin to practice so many other variations of it…the opportunities are seriously endless! So I would love to share with you the little things that made a huge difference in my progress in this pose! And be sure to reference the images above to see how I get there (slowly but surely)…

  1. Tip one: When the crown of your head is on the ground, and your forearms on the floor, you want your hands to be touching (I interlace my fingers but that’s just personal preference) and right up against your head. When I first started practicing this pose, I thought that my weight would distribute better if there was distance between my hands and head. Well, it’s honestly the opposite. One of my yoga instructors suggested I pull them in, and it honestly made a HUGE difference in my balance in the posture.
  2. Tip two: Gain your balance with your legs bent before trying to extend them. There’s no need to jump straight into the full position… Lift one leg at a time initially, keep them bent, and then take as long as you need to extend them while keeping your body stable. Slow and steady wins the race!!
  3. Tip three: Abs, abs, abs! Engage your abs! This is probably my number one suggestion (saving the best for last hehe). Your core makes all the difference in any inversion. When you come out of this pose, your abs should be burning… This will also condition them for future head stand variations!

These three things took me from toppling over to steady and strong. Along with time and a lot of practice! What poses are you working towards?? We’re in this yoga thing together!




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