Faith, Life / September 14, 2016

Joyce Meyer and the Weekend

If you follow on Instagram (@coffeewithkylie) you know that Joyce Meyer was in Tampa this weekend! For those of you who don’t know, Joyce is a non-denominational, Christian pastor and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. I grew up listening to Joyce on TV, and have heard her speak live on multiple occasions in my adult life. And let me tell you, she NEVER disappoints! I attended both Friday night and Saturday’s sessions, and as a result entered the weekend feeling so refreshed and renewed, and just filled with the Holy Spirit. And there’s no feeling quite like that!

In our time with Joyce, she talked about hope…and how biblically it is the firm belief that something good is going to happen. Our hope in God is not considered desire, but instead it is knowing that we will be blessed. And refusing to give up until we are…giving all the glory to Him in the end. It’s like the age old saying, “where the mind goes, the man follows.” If we are living in fear or meditating on failure, we are sure to fail time and time again. It’s not until we give it up to God, and fully trust in his promises, that we may find peace and receive His blessings.

With that being said…live a life you love. We were not created to simply “get by,” but to love our life, and live it to the fullest! On Friday Joyce said to get rid of the word “hate” in your vocabulary, and I clung to that piece of advice. Instead speak of what you love, and watch your life be transformed. On the same note, stop speaking words of death over yourself, your life, your family, etc. I know I’m guilty of this… You might hear me say “I have too much stomach fat,” “I’m always broken out,” “I make no money,” “I have the worst anxiety.” I guess you’ll learn a little bit about my insecurities here… But that was before! Not anymore. I am choosing to declare positivity over my life! I am on my way to a flat stomach! The Lord is blessing my finances! And so on and so on. Won’t you join me?!

Another thing Joyce said that really, really stuck with me…if you’re led by the Holy Spirit, you don’t wish, you maximize your potential. Take a second and read that over again, because it’s good. Man, oh man, is it good. People, this is permission to stop trying to be something/someone you’re not! Stop wishing you had certain talents you don’t. Because if you divert your attention from others and onto yourself, you’ll soon realize all of the talents and great qualities you already possess. And you’re far more likely to create a life you love if you’re focused on maximizing your strengths, not dwelling on your weaknesses.

After just that little taste, are you surprised my weekend was great? Al and I left with smiling faces and hopeful hearts, ready to really enjoy the rest of the weekend, and the down time we have together! Which means we ate at some of our favorite restaurants, obviously binged watched a little Scandal, and finally…we napped (I know, we sound really exciting…). There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow every once and a while!

For my Tampa people…here’s the scoop on the restaurants.

First off, Bartaco… It’s seriously our new obsession. It’s basically a bunch of mini plates that you order multiple of to either share with the table, or down yourself. Alex and I obviously get our own stuff and down it all. I’m a pretty plain eater (and a creature of habit) so I always opt for two cheese quesadillas (which have like taco seasoning or something in them…I don’t know but it’s great) and a bowl of the grilled corn, off the cob (which is mixed with another kind of taco seasoning AND feta…I just rocked your world). I like to peel open my quesadillas and split the corn between the two, but that’s just me. Alex is far more adventurous and prefers the portobello and duck tacos. Sounds terrifying to me but he loves it. This weekend we did something special and concluded our meal with the key lime pie in a jar… Key lime pie is my weakness. It was amazing.

And then there’s Cask…Their everyday menu is referred to as “comfort cuisine” so imagine unique, semi-southern dishes and ample use of the frier. This puts me outside of my comfort zone a bit, but their brunch is where it’s at! My favorite dish is the three fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and fruit on top (a classic), but they’ve got biscuits and gravy, chicken and waffles, and many other meal options. Not to mention bottomless mimosas, which you get for $20 until 4pm even if you want to drink, leave, then head back and drink again… It’s a one time fee! Talk about Sunday Funday…

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend as well!



Outfit 1: Top – H&M old; Jeans – American Eagle old; Sandals – Wet Seal

Outfit 2: Dress – Wet Seal

Jewelry: Michael Kors old; Bangle – Kate Spade; Necklace – Jennifer Zeuner



  1. Gennifer Rose

    Hi Kylie,

    The restaurant Cask looks so cute, modern and delicious! I live in San Francisco and rarely make it out to Florida but if I ever do it will be on the top of my list 🙂

    xo Gennifer

    22 . Sep . 2016

    If you’ve ever attended a Women’s Conference, you know from the moment you arrive in the city, you are in for an incredible weekend!

    14 . Sep . 2017
    • Kylie Gravlee

      Couldn’t agree more!!!

      29 . Sep . 2017

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