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New Kent Winery

Worth writing home about…or blogging about, same dif.

As seen on Insta (@coffeewithkylie), we ventured to Richmond last weekend to see my God-daughter and her parents, and to meet her new twin brother and sister. It was a perfect weekend of love and snuggles, and just happened to be topped off with some really good wine(!) at my favorite Virginia vineyard of course…New Kent Winery. Now, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a wino at all, although my parents are hooked on it…like via IV…but I haven’t had a single sip of their wine that I didn’t enjoy. And believe me, I’ve done the full tasting…multiple times. Don’t judge me.

“Nestled in the historic Virginia countryside” on the outskirts of Richmond, New Kent Winery provides a cozy escape from life’s demands, and a treat for the taste buds in every way. Enjoy live music on most days, and a beautiful view of the vines, all while kicking back and taking in the sweet smell of life’s simple pleasures. Okay, I know I sound like a brochure…but this is seriously the light, airy sensation this place gives you.

Any time I am in the Richmond area, I stop by the winery. Because a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away! Or at least that’s what my mom told me… Don’t judge her either.

As I write, I salivate (TMI?) at the thought of the light, subtle sweetness of their White Merlot (my personal favorite), and the refreshing fruitiness of their Sweet Virginia…the oakiness of the Reserve Chardonnay, the dry but flavorful blend of the Meritage. They all sit so well on the tongue, and are truly compatible with almost any palate.

Bottom line – please visit this place. And tell them Kylie sent you. I can’t wait to hear how right I am about this one!

Dreaming of a white [wine] Christmas!



Photography by Lindsay Dombroski Photography

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