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A Life That Glorifies Your Authentic Self

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In my 200 hour yoga training, we do a lot of journaling. We do a lot of internal exploration…a lot of soul-searching for our authentic selves. So that we may then spend not only our time on the mat, but out in the world, meditating on who our true self is, and creating a life that glorifies that. Last Saturday they asked us this simple question… What would you do if there was nothing that you were supposed to do? I jotted down my answer, as seen below.

I would travel. I would slow down. I would meditate on every moment. I would strengthen my relationships. I would give more of myself to others. I would be better about showing my love. I would meditate more and do more yoga. I would pray and be in the Word more. I would SLOW DOWN and EXPERIENCE the world. I would express my creativity in more ways. I would simplify. I would SLOW DOWN.

You know what the beautiful part is about my answer, and what I’ve come to realize as I’ve read it over and over again? I can acheive all of these things within my current life. I CAN make time for them despite my obligations. So the next step is just painting the picture of how, and truly deciding to live that way.

I encourage you to set aside a few minutes of your time and sit in silence. Just preparing your mind for some deep reflection…and then answer this question for yourself. What would you do if there was nothing that you were supposed to do? I think you will learn a lot about what is most important to you…what you hold nearest and dearest to your heart…what your soul is yearning for in order to be fulfilled. And I can gurantee it’s not going to be the materialistic things that we short-term strive for each and every day. I’m almost sure you won’t see that when you visualize your “perfect” life.

What I plan to do next – make a vision board. Something that is beautiful and epitomizes what I desribed above. Something that will remind me day in, and day out, the life that I want to live…the little things that I value most.

Another thing you can do…open up to your partner. Find out what they would do if there was nothing they had to do. Maybe create your vision board together, so that together you can always be working towards the life of your dreams. The point is, there is no reason that this life should remain in your imagination. Make it your real world. Why settle for anything less?

We have some soul-searching to do, my friends. That’s right, this is just the beginning for me, too. My goodness, I’m twenty-something going on trying to adult going on what do I want to do with my life?! But the thing is, is so is everyone else. Regardless of their age, we’re all really searching for our true selves. I say it’s time we discover it! Or at least decide we’re going to try to.

And don’t be afraid to stumble along the way. Not everything is going to work out in this search for our inner utopia. And if we learn to embrace the bumps in the road, we’ll find that we’re discovering unconditional peace as well. Is this sounding amazing to anyone else?

Please share with me your journey. Share with me how you plan to make your ideal life your reality.

With love and intention,


Photography by Studio Magnolia

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