Yoga / February 10, 2017

“A Place For Everything” Yoga Tote Bag

Let me tell y’all about my new favorite yoga accessory…one that has made my life SO much easier. This Yoga Tote Bag by Aurorae Yoga! I’m serious…I really feel like every yogi needs one.

If you’re a consistent follower of this here blog, you know that I’m going through Yoga Teacher Training. So, I am doing a lot of yoga…and I mean A LOT. And every time I head to the studio, park, or wherever class may be, I always have a million things in my hands. You’ve got your notebook, water bottle, afternoon snack…I personally like to have my wallet, phone, chapstick, and a sweater (just in case). This is a lot of stuff, let me tell you! I used to show up trying to juggle all of this in my arms like an oddly shaped baby. But not anymore…because of this bag!!!

I love this yoga tote bag because it’s not just a black hole. Multiple pockets create a place for everything! There’s one for your phone, your water bottle, and your wallet on the inside, with an additional larger zipper pocket on the outside. Bring with you whatever your heart desires! Because guaranteed, this bag will hold it!

Did I mention it comes in 7 color variations? So there’s an option for everyone, no matter your taste. This bright orange just makes my soul happy. Which color is your fav?

Shout out to my parents! They surprised me with this gem. And I’ve been grateful for it every day since.

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Photography by Studio Magnolia


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