Fashion / April 11, 2017

The Dover Series by Jord Wood Watches

Alex’s first collaboration…written by moi.

When I was approached by Jord for a collaboration, my main man was the first thing that entered my mind. The guy LOVES watches. I mean, just loves them. And while I would be grateful for a new one myself, I knew he would appreciate it a million times more than me. Hence, my first blog post on men’s accessories: this Dover Series Jord wood watch, which Alex genuinely adores.

I have surprised him with a few watches in my day, but none quite like this one. The combination of Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood is just striking, y’all. And the pictures just do not do it justice! Not to mention the icy cream face with exposed moving parts…confined by sapphire crystal glass which is defined by Jord as the “definitive material for transparency and durability.” Sapphire crystal is second to only the diamond as the “hardest and most scratch resistant material on earth…” so you can expect it to look new for a long, long time. All of these factors making this piece not only timeless, but the perfect accessory for both professional and casual (but fabulous) styling.

Does anyone else think Alex would love the way I describe this watch? The fact that I have already used “adores” and “fabulous” in this post will probably make him smirk, and then roll his eyes… However, putting my femininity aside, I have got to be real honest with y’all. This watch is super masculine, and SEXY! if I do say so myself. It will take any look your guy (or you) puts together straight to the next level. Which is the male version of “I woke up like this.” Just get it for them. I promise, you will thank me later.



Thank you to Jord for sponsoring this post!

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