Fashion / April 20, 2017

Coach Spring Collection || Swagger 21

That’s right… Coach designed a bag they call “Swagger.” And if you were going to name any bag “Swagger,” I think this one is it… It’s not often that “glam” and “bad ass” intertwine so effortlessly. And I, for one, have quite the appreciation for it.

I’ve got a few favorite things about this bag, so let’s start with the color. I am real into olive, if you couldn’t tell. No matter what season it is. In my opinion, it’s a neutral. AKA it goes with EVERYTHING! And then there’s the rivets…the OMBRE rivets. Ombre seems to go in and out of style, but incorporating the trend using scale instead of color just blew my mind and afforded an internal “yasss.” And lastly, the size. I was surprised that I fell in love with the size, if I’m being honest. When it arrived in the mail I thought “not sure all my crap will fit in there…” But, y’all, it did. Like, perfectly. {Mind. Blown.} I carry a decently large wallet (for all my money – lol, yeah right), always a pair of lip gloss or two, sunglasses, iPhone 7 Plus, and obviously my camera. What’s a blogger without her camera? And for real, it all fit perfectly. Like a glove honestly. I was thrilled. A++, Coach.

So tell me, with all this insider information, are you drooling over this bag yet? It seriously is what I never knew I always wanted. Coach making dreams come true. Feel free to leave any unanswered questions in the comments below!



A huge “thank you” to Coach for sponsoring this post!


  1. Tom Gravlee (Dad)

    Beautiful Darling!

    20 . Apr . 2017
  2. Jenn Wang

    Congrats on another awesome collaboration! That bag is seriously to DIE for. I’m also inlove with anything olive!


    21 . Apr . 2017

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