Life / May 12, 2017

An Ode To Alex On Our Two Year Anniversary

Well, technically the day after.

And just like that, two years have come and gone. It feels like its been a lifetime, and a day all at once. And because you are you, Alex, and you are everything I’ve ever dreamt of, it is your turn to be featured on this here blog.

Cheers to two years, baby! It has been pure joy! You found me in the midst of heartache and soul searching, and took my wild mind and loved it for everything it was. Despite my imperfections, you have loved me. Through my pain and struggles, you have loved me. And you’ve made me a better person in more ways than I can count. That alone is absolutely priceless.

In this roller coaster world, you are my constant. You are the anchor that binds my wandering heart. Your soul is so pure…the most pure I have ever known. And your love is something I will never grow tired of.

Thank you for making me laugh when it was hard to smile, for encouraging me when I’ve lost my faith, for making my every dream your goal. Thank you for challenging me with love, for being the leader of our home, for loving me as Christ loved the church…selflessly, and unconditionally. I could have never created you in my wildest dreams, yet here you are; my greatest blessing.

I hope the years to come are filled with abundant happiness. I hope they are overflowing with Jesus and love. But as for now, just keep doing you…and know that I would never want to be anywhere but here – together.

I will love you forever.



Photography by Lindsay Dombroski Photography


  1. Ali

    These photos are gorgeous! I came across your blog a while back and love it. I live in Saint Pete, so really close to you. And I just checked out the photographer in hopes for some engagement photos and was so sad to see she isn’t located here! Anyways, they’re beautiful. Happy anniversary to you two.

    – Ali

    13 . May . 2017
    • Kylie Gravlee

      Hey Ali,

      Thank you so much!! I KNOWWW she’s one of my best friends from college but lives in Virginia…she was just visiting for the weekend. She’s so talented, right?? Happy to e-meet you!! Can’t wait to check out your blog.


      22 . May . 2017

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