Fashion / July 7, 2017

Three Of My Fashion Must-Haves For Summer

Knit tops.
Girlfriend jeans.
And slip on heels.

I am truly having a love affair with these three summer trends. So naturally, I had to put them all together for y’all (and myself), to create an overwhelmingly fabulous look that I am GUARANTEED to repeat over and over again this summer…no matter how much it makes me sweat.

The Girlfriend Jean

It took me a while to decide to commit to the girlfriend jean, as I’m one of those ladies with a small-ish caboose. I’m using “ish” to make myself feel better… It’s small. There, I said it. But I have to say, I feel pretty great in these jeans. I find as long as they’re hugging the hip a little, you won’t lose your womanly curves (even if they hardly exist, like mine). And like, they’re loose…so they’re comfy…need I say more? #ComfortQueen

The Knit Tank

On to the knit top…I don’t know what my infatuation with it is. Maybe the overall lack of knit items in Florida is why I DIE over a knit tank. I may never know for sure…but I will say they call to me. Loudly.

Slip On Heels

Lord, have mercy. I am wearing these shoes as I type because I will allow no one to pry them off my feet. They truly are heaven sent. I’m talking soft materials + a chunky heel + no straps in need of fastening…all adds up to comfort AND convenience. Because we, as ladies, are never running late or anything…

Final Thoughts

You need an outfit of this sort. It is the perfect day to night ensemble for the summer, without being too hot or too cold (at least, in most climates). If you need something effortless and comfortable, but trendy and put-together, this look is the one for you.

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Girlfriend Jeans – Sold Out
Knit Tank – Sold Out
Slip On Heels
Bag – Color Old
Gold Watch
Cross Necklace
Sunglasses – In Store
Lipstick – Color “Pale Mauve”

Photography by Studio Magnolia


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