Beauty / July 14, 2017

Harry’s Shave Plan For A Smoother Summer

Do you know why I decided to try this service? Because I hate shaving.

Shaving is literally the worst.

I’m talking legs, people. Yes, I’m aware this is a men’s shaving company…but what about us ladies and our longing for silky smooth legs? If there’s potential that it’s a good product, then I’m going to try it. I’ve told you before…there’s no shame in my game.

When I first heard about Harry’s, I was immediately intrigued. I’m down for anything that will make shaving less painful. Well, not less physically painful (they are razors after all…you can still cut yourself), but less emotionally painful… Because there’s nothing worse than forgetting to shave, and then rushing to do it and realizing your crappy razor missed half of your leg. See? Literally the worst. We’ve all been there.

How Harry’s Shave Plan has changed my life

  • The Shave |  This is the closest shave I have ever experienced. You can definitely feel against your skin that the razors are sharper, and therefore require less pressure as you shave…but the end product is well worth it, and makes you feel like your time was well spent.
  • The Price | For a mere $15 you receive (my recommendation) The Truman Set…which includes a rubbery razor handle (for easier gripping in the shower), three detachable razor heads, a bottle of shaving cream, and a travel case. Prior to Harry’s I would buy a pack of three razors, and that alone was between $10 and $13. So you’re telling me I’m saving money?! Sign me up.
  • The Convenience | I am an online shopper. There, I said it. Anything I can do to avoid malls or busy stores, I do. I order most of my beauty products online, and if I can order my razors too, I will.

My one suggestion for you Harry’s, if you’re listening…

I would love some girlish scents. Don’t get me wrong…if I had to pick a scent for my man, this shaving cream would be it. But for myself I might like something fresh, or semi sweet/floral. Just something to think about 😉

Okay…convinced you could really love this service? Give it a try ***for free***. Just pay $3 in shipping. You’re so very welcome -> Click Here

And let me know what you think!!! Can you relate to my quirks? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



Photography by Studio Magnolia

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