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Stocking Stuffers For Him | Featuring Jord Wood Watches + Coupon Code

I could shop for gals all day…I’ve always been a girl’s girl and I know what we women like. But men? Half the time I’m lost… So I’ve done a little research and surveyed some males, and I’ve gathered some of the top stocking stuffer requests from the men of our generation.

A Watch

And I’ve got to kick it off with Jord Wood Watches. Why? Because Alex now has THREE and he cannot get enough of them. He jokes that they float because they’re made of wood but I would HIGHLY advise against testing this theory. What I will say is that he is complimented literally every time he wears one of them! And there are so many wood/color variations that he feels like he needs a new one for every outfit *palm to face*. You can find his latest piece here (the ebony and iron). It features a dark wood and a black face with red accents. Perfect for the holidays! Oh, and click here for an instant 25% off ***COUPON CODE*** to Jord!! Eep, I know! So exciting!!

A Watch Box

With all the watches your man has he’s going to need himself a nice watch box! I got Alex this one last year and he is obsessed with it. I even got it monogrammed and everything! He loves showing it off to his pals, and showcasing his favorite watches in it. Not to mention he can keep his other jewelry items (or cigars smh) in the bottom drawer.


I don’t know a guy that wouldn’t want a new pair of headphones. Alex prefers the over the ear style for the gym because the ear buds tend to fall out. However, the downside is that the ear pads get ruined from sweat. So for his birthday, I searched and searched to find a solution to this problem…and was elated to surprise him with these by Soul Electronics. They have bluetooth technology so they’re totally wireless, they are tested by professional athletes and designed to stay put during vigorous exercise, and they have REMOVABLE and WASHABLE ear pads. Cha-ching! Jack pot. And those are just a few of the things that Al loves about them. I love that they are just over $100 😉


Back to the basics…laugh all you want! This has been a stocking request by almost every guy I know! The reason being…they don’t want to buy them themselves. You might check out Me Undies if you’re feeling fancy. And new socks are a good compliment to this one!


Y’all have heard me talk about Harry’s. You know, the shave company that I’ve long been obsessed with? If you’ve forgotten, it’s for men…but I use it for my legs. I can’t help myself! It smells good, feels good, makes my skin smooth, helps with razor burn! You can read my whole rant here. But this is not about me. Buy it for your man!!! Or better yet, get it for free… Using this link you’ll only pay $3 shipping. You’re welcome.


Are these not the new trend? I tell you what, I love the way my honey looks in them 😉 They emphasize all the right places! Yes, okay. I like a man with a tush. Well this is quite the digression… Anyways, Old Navy has them at a really good price. And these ones are even 50% off. Alex also really likes his from Forever 21. His exact pair is right here.

Movie Tickets

Have you heard of Movie Pass? A guy friend turned me onto it… It’s something him and his wife are thinking about doing! Basically, for $7/month you get unlimited movie tickets. To any theater, any movie, any day. There are no blackout dates! Now, you sign up for 12 months and pay $90 upon doing so. But if you and your man are real into movie dates (like we are), then you will totally get your money’s worth.

Event Tickets

On that note, let’s talk about event tickets. Alex and I love going to concerts and music festivals together. If you’re in Tampa you can shop now for Next Big Thing, but there are plenty of festivals for any and every genre.

Golf Balls

Alex expects them every year in his stocking. Golfing is kind of like a day at the spa for guys. Because over drinking and swinging violently at a stationary object is relaxing…? I don’t get it, but they sure love it. You can find affordable golf ball packages at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Lottery Tickets

This last suggestion is super simple, and I don’t even know how I feel about it…but lots of guys I know asked for scratch offs in their stocking, and who am I to judge. Go to your local gas station I guess? What a way to end the blog post LOL!

Merry Christmas, and happy gifting!




A huge “thank you” to Jord for sponsoring this post!

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