Life / August 4, 2017

Life Update + Exciting Announcements

Hello there, friends. Fancy seeing you here.

I hope this post finds you all kinds of well! Things have been a little crazy in “Kylie” world, to say the least.

Remember a week-ish back, when I mentioned on Instagram that we were celebrating? Calm, calm. We are NOT engaged. However, after several months of hard work, we DID happen to sell our house!!! Thank you, thank you. We are ecstatic.

On Saturday, July 22, we got the call that our house had sold. We were sitting at lunch in Denver at this time. I cannot express the amount of relief we felt…and after only 2 short months on the market, I would say we’re pretty blessed.

So then came the whirlwind of beginning a new home search. We knew we wanted to buy again…but that was about all we had decided. Our hearts were torn between a condo and another home…between downsizing and traveling, or continuing the life we were accustomed to. We confused the heck out of our realtor by telling her “whatever we find is what’s meant to be,” and also gave her and ourselves way more ground to cover.

But that’s the kind of gal I am…and the kind of life Alex and I live. We just like to go with the flow. We don’t limit ourselves with firm decisions, but simply pray for God’s will, and His greater plan.

Fast forward 8 days…a new condo is ours. I KNOW! It all happened so quickly! We saw a lot of homes to begin with, but a specific complex had stolen our hearts. Say hello to water views and tiny living! A big change, but the right choice.

And y’all, we CANNOT wait. We have already begun the super-purge. Donating everything we really don’t need, and getting excited to live a little more minimally.

Just me, my man, and my fluffy rottie. I really couldn’t ask for more. We are in the perfect place, and the perfect space, for exactly this time in our lives…and I refuse to look ahead, but instead be grateful for the here and the now.

So, we will be in a new place come the third week in August! And I am SO excited for this next chapter in our lives. We are two weddings down, two more to go…so our plans for the fall are travel, travel, travel. And somehow find time to reno this condo. Ohhh yes. We are gutting and re-designing. Y’all are just gonna die. So look out for that!

So, what have I been up to lately? That’s pretty much it…plus Al and I are planning a few short weekend trips for ourselves. We try to keep it interesting, and really busy around here (clearly). Lol, we don’t even try…I swear it just happens.

That’s the word in our little household. I’m glad to have finally gotten to fill y’all in! Any reno advice y’all have is welcomed!! And keep your eyes peeled for design blogs, and travel vlogs.



Design / September 21, 2016

Including Your Honey In Your Home Design

I am a firm believer that when you create a life with someone, it should be equal parts both of you. From the wedding day, to the adventures, to even the design of your home. All aspects should reflect the couple, not an individual. And since design is my specialty (and passion at that) I’ll share a few ways I personally included my Honey in my home design.

The Back Story: Alex bought his home in the beginning of our relationship, and I moved in about 11 months later. Believe it or not, 11 months is PLENTY of time to take a clean slate and make it completely bachelor pad. Needless to say, when I moved in, I had a lot of work to do. But I love this man. Everything about him… Including his unique style and interests. So I didn’t want to rid him from the home at all, I just wanted to style it up a bit. And from this experience is born this simple,  design inspo, “How To!”

First things first, figure out what you’re working with… You’ve got a (figurative) pile of what’s GOT to go, and then a much smaller pile with some decent potential. So here’s what I ended up with:

  • A few pieces of wall art, which I promptly re-framed
  • An old cow skull which I’m actually obsessed with
  • A wall-mount coat rack which just needed repainting
  • A few old, rustic fishing poles

Then as I added to the home, I kept his taste in mind…

  • He’s always liked skulls, hence the skull head
  • He loves his whiskey, so a bar space was necessary
  • I chose patterns that speak to the edge in his style
  • And I kept to a gender-neutral color palette

Now he loves our home as much as I do, and feels at ease in every space. That’s the goal, after all, in good home design…to create an environment that fosters peace of mind.

Have an idea to add to this topic? I would LOVE to hear it, as my home is ever evolving. We call that a #DesignerProblem… Sorry not sorry.