Design / September 21, 2016

Including Your Honey In Your Home Design

I am a firm believer that when you create a life with someone, it should be equal parts both of you. From the wedding day, to the adventures, to even the design of your home. All aspects should reflect the couple, not an individual. And since design is my specialty (and passion at that) I’ll share a few ways I personally included my Honey in my home design.

The Back Story: Alex bought his home in the beginning of our relationship, and I moved in about 11 months later. Believe it or not, 11 months is PLENTY of time to take a clean slate and make it completely bachelor pad. Needless to say, when I moved in, I had a lot of work to do. But I love this man. Everything about him… Including his unique style and interests. So I didn’t want to rid him from the home at all, I just wanted to style it up a bit. And from this experience is born this simple,  design inspo, “How To!”

First things first, figure out what you’re working with… You’ve got a (figurative) pile of what’s GOT to go, and then a much smaller pile with some decent potential. So here’s what I ended up with:

  • A few pieces of wall art, which I promptly re-framed
  • An old cow skull which I’m actually obsessed with
  • A wall-mount coat rack which just needed repainting
  • A few old, rustic fishing poles

Then as I added to the home, I kept his taste in mind…

  • He’s always liked skulls, hence the skull head
  • He loves his whiskey, so a bar space was necessary
  • I chose patterns that speak to the edge in his style
  • And I kept to a gender-neutral color palette

Now he loves our home as much as I do, and feels at ease in every space. That’s the goal, after all, in good home design…to create an environment that fosters peace of mind.

Have an idea to add to this topic? I would LOVE to hear it, as my home is ever evolving. We call that a #DesignerProblem… Sorry not sorry.




Design / August 17, 2016

Latest and Greatest Home Find

With a photo bomb courtesy of doggy.

So I’m posting a little later this week than I initially intended, but when a Saturday beach day leads to a night on the town, you can guarantee a lazy Sunday… Which means instead of blogging all day (like I usually do), we binge watched Netflix. #Noshame. Speaking of which, during this binge we started Scandal!!! I know, I know, I’m several years behind. But better late than never! I’m already addicted… No spoilers!!!

I digress…back to the blog topic. I told you you’d be seeing a lot of this, but today I’m featuring some of my very favorite wall art! And it just happens to grace three different locations in my 1500 sq ft bungalow (aka almost every room). These entirely wood pieces add a touch of rustic to your our home, and I LOVE that they’re in shades of gray (my favorite home color scheme, otherwise called “seagull” by Alex…Google it, it’s pretty true).

Now…moving on to where I got them. *Drumroll please……….* ETSY! No surprise there… It’s an Etsy shop called BreatheInGrace, and she has all kinds of ADORABLE signs. All handmade, with the cutest sayings. Jesus is my thing so I love that she paints scripture, but I’ve got my eye on a few future baby room items too…no judging people…I know it’s far out (Alex is going to roll his eyes reading this).

I personally think Etsy is great for a TON of things! I’ve gotten so many awesome bridal shower/bachelorette accessories from there. Not to mention jewelry, and obviously home goods (this won’t be the last time they’re featured on “Latest and Greatest”). And I love it because A) it’s a perfect way to #ballonabudget, B) most items are handmade so I feel like they’re personalized for me, and C) I love the idea of supporting small businesses, as well as people just doing what they love!

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?? Because I can always use another reason to shop….

Happy Hump Day, y’all!