Fashion / May 22, 2017

Affordable Graphic Tees by Target || Everyday Style on a Budget

One item I have been loving lately is the graphic tee. However, it seems like all of the trending brands want $60+ per shirt… Cue my brain going “I’m sorry, you want how much for a T SHIRT?!” No can do. So began the search. The search for affordable graphic tees/tanks. And after looking for months, I found the answer. Right in front of my gosh darn face. Target…hellooo!

I should have known. When has Target ever let me down? Despite all of the adorable brands out there, I will never not go back to Target. And do you know the number one thing I love to shop for there? Basics. Does it get more basic than a graphic tee? *PALM. TO. FACE.*

In order to maximize my options, I don’t mess around in store. I go straight to the online mothership. And boy did I hit the jackpot!

Now, I just got a few items… I have to draw the line somewhere. But there were SO many lovely designs. Between shopping for my everyday casual look and then obviously my weekly yoga class it was seriously so hard to decide. But this is what I chose, and I’m sticking to it! Which one(s) will you buy?! Comment below!



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Cactus Graphic Tank

Inhale Exhale Graphic Tank

Namaste Graphic Tank

Black Yoga Legging

Faux Leather Slip-On Sandals

Faux Leather Tassel Bucket Bag

Gold Watch

Jean Shorts – Old

Bandana – Old

Fringe Sandals – Old

Lipstick – Color “Sandwash Pink”

Lipgloss – Color “Fortune Cookie”



Fashion / October 13, 2016

Flannels In Florida

I want to apologize ahead of time as my posts may start dwindling to once a week. I know, I know, I’m sorry…when I can do twice a week, you know I will! It’s just going to be a very busy fall season for me! Alex and I have A LOT of traveling ahead of us, and YTT is keeping me nearly fully occupied when I am home. All super fun things, which will make for awesome stuff to share with y’all! So although a little less frequent, keep your eyes out for some pretty awesome content! And I’ll keep you posted, of course. Instagram is the best way to follow me live (@coffeewithkylie).

Now that we got that out of the way, back to today’s post… Now this sort of get up is what you’re most likely to see me in… AKA that comfy kind of style (flat sandals, stretchy or loose materials, etc.). And even though it’s still 90 some degrees here in the sunshine state, we like a little fall style too. So like I always say…if you can’t wear your flannel, throw it around your waist! This gives off all kinds of cozy vibes without making me sweat more than I already am. No shame. Also, see what I did with the maroon dress? Incorporate fall colors when it’s too hot to layer. It’s really the best we can do!

Keep sharing your fall fashion ideas… I am loving the inspiration!

Happy Fall Y’all!






Lip Gloss


Flannel – Old (Target)

Dress – Old (H&M)

Watch – Old (Michael Kors)

Photography by Studio Magnolia